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Experience you can trust

We’ve been in the property industry for over 30 years and during that time we’ve spent countless hours exploring, researching and learning about the best elements of housing estates.

Our aim has always been to ensure all estates being sold under the JMP brand only comprise housing lots of the highest quality. A lot has changed over 30 years and during that time we’ve never stopped learning. Even today, we are continually keeping up with modern housing trends to ensure that we incorporate the best characteristics of residential property developments.

Our History

JMP Developments is a property development company owned by Jenny and Andrew Stern. Our parent company currently has five residential estates underway in the Albury Wodonga and North East Victorian region.

Riverside Estate (Killara)
Kinchington Estate (Leneva)
Kiewa Valley Estate (Tangambalanga)
Tallangatta Estate (Tallangatta)
Park Lane Estate (Benalla)

We’re extremely proud of our existing developments and over 30 years we believe that we truly understand what people look for in modern housing. In fact, Riverside Estate has been with the family for so long we feel like it’s part of our family!

Being able to build beautiful homes in stunning locations will always be a driver for us as we move forward.

Working with the community

One of the joys of property development is the positive impact we’re able to have on communities. It’s been wonderful to work with proactive, inclusive councils across the region to provide the best possible outcome for local families.

A great example of this was working with Indigo Shire to install a new all-abilities playground at Kiewa Valley Estate. Already a beautiful part of the world, Kiewa Valley Estate is now even more inclusive for the local Tangambalanga community.

The Albury Wodonga and North East Victorian region is full of so many incredible places, with an abundance of lakes, rivers, walking tracks and so much more. We love working with the local community to bring some of that beauty into the lives of local families.

Enriching lives through property

At its core, JMP Developments is a caring, compassionate business with a genuine desire to improve the lives of the people purchasing blocks of land. We believe strongly in the work we do and we always want this to be the cornerstone of our values.

We understand that purchasing land is a significant life event, something that should be cherished. We want people moving into a JMP Estate to really enjoy the experience and benefits that living in a JMP Estate provides.

At JMP Developments, we don’t see it as just buying a block of land. It’s a whole positive life change that a new home can bring to people and families. It can often be the start of a new journey and one that we’re always thrilled to be a part of.

Quality Development

It has always been our goal to develop residential estates on quality land. We love what we do and we love the beautiful, picturesque settings we’ve been able to develop. Being a family owned and operated business, one of our key motivators has always been to create the best environments for those families who move into a JMP Estate.

With so many years in the business, we’ve had the genuine joy of seeing families grow up in homes and estates we’ve developed. To JMP, people matter. We’ve also learned that nothing is more important than honesty and transparency. It’s never just been about the land and it never will be. With JMP, you’re dealing with people who deliver a unique blend of expertise and care in everything we do.

JMP Estates